Really tough music quiz!

If you are tired of easy Facebook quizzes that are designed to give you a false heart warming confidence then try my tough quiz.
I’ve mixed music trivia with history, languages, Arts, pop culture, mythology, and current affairs so even if you don’t know the answers they are fun to read.
Answers are at the bottom. I’m not so clever; I just happened to miraculously know some obscure trivia as I’m sure most of you do. Write your score!

01. What recently deceased Greek singer could bring the demise of dyslexic gingers?
02. The union of what British and Spanish singers could reverse the reformation of Christian church?
03. If Lady Gaga was born in Hungary of 17th century and went really gaga as in blood thirsty gaga who would she be?
04. What band would Captain Scott want to tour back home with if he was lost in the Antarctic today?
05. If DaVinci painted pop stars how would he change the title of one of his famous paintings after painting a famous Catholic lady?
06. What Scottish band was somewhat Bohemian and its demise brought the war to end all wars?
07. What would be Buddha’s favourite band?
08. What band could represent the royal House of Plantagenet, the houses of Lancaster and York if they had fought with guns?
09. Which Greek mythological figure would have hated the Rolling Stones?
10. If Ozzy Ozbourne played at Woodstock of 16th century in whose honour would he change the title of his famous song?
11. What 15th century saint could have sung a “The Doors” song for an English audience of clergy and what would be the song?
12. What band name could define the superior invention of Nikola Tesla over Thomas Edison when it came to large distribution of electricity?
13. What sound would make Prometheus sick to his liver?
14. Name the very high flying dragon lady that has a bonafide philanthropist?
15. Which band and band’s song could define US foreign policy in Iraq and its cultural conflict with the people of the region?
16. Which American band name could had been an alternative name for a historical novel about the lesbian relationship of Victorian women?
17. Which band name is like the Islamic description of heaven?
18. This band name has twists, and waves but it also has a snag
19. If the Manhattan Project used cats for their experiments
20. Not Winter’s tale by Shakespeare but a book of poem for children

01. Demis Roussos. (Roussos means red in Greek) OK you have to be old and heard obscure high pitched singers from other countries for this one.
02. Charlotte church and Enrique Iglesias! ( Charlotte is female derivative of Charles and Enrique is Henry [ Henry VIII and his contemporary Charles I of Roman and Spanish Empire] and Iglesia is Church in Spanish so together they could unite the Anglican and Catholic churches!)
03. Elizabeth Báthory who was a Hungarian noblewoman and considered to be history’s most deranged female serial killer. She bathed in blood of virgins. ( Gaga means mad)
04. The Snow Patrol
05. He would change the Virgin of the rocks to Madonna Rocks!
06. Franz Ferdinand the Royal prince of Hungary and Bohemia whose assassination sparked WWI.
07. Nirvana
08. Guns N’ Roses ( those royal houses fought the thirty year war of Roses).
09. Sisyphus who was condemned to roll a boulder up the hill only to watch it roll down again forever; a bit like my day job!
10. He would change the Prince of Darkness to Black Prince who was known as Edward of Woodstock and famous as Edward the black prince after 16th century
11. Joan of Arc could had sang “Light my fire” after her court declared her relapsed and burned her at the stake.
12. AC/DC. Tesla invented AC and this was superior to Edison’s DC power for powering light bulbs to a large community of consumers.
13. The sound of eagles. Prometheus was chained to a rock and an eagle sent by Zeus would tear his liver but Prometheus was immortal so the liver grew back for another visit the next day. NB. Not sure if it was the same one eagle everyday or eagles.
14. It is U2. U2 planes are nicknamed dragon lady and the bonafide philanthropist is Bono of course.
15. The Clash as in the clash of cultures and “Should I stay or should I go?” for their undetermined return of troops.
16. Velvet Underground for the novel “Tipping the velvet”
17. Oasis
18. The kinks (kinks is a synonym for twists, waves and snag)
19. The Manhattan Project was the famous atomic research and development project that produced the first atomic bomb for WW2. Answer is Atomic Kittens.
20. Coldplay was named after a book of collected poems called Child’s Reflections and is not related to Winter’s tale which happens to be a play for the cold season!

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