schools by doodle_juice

schools, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Not mine I’m afraid but brilliant, and so good I had to post it again.

Iran the cat by doodle_juice

Iran the cat, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

I did this charcoal drawing and then turned it to this by Photoshop for kids.
Map of Iran is similar to a sitting cat.

ahmadi_lines by doodle_juice

ahmadi_lines, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

I once did an animation of Ahmadinejad. This was part of the “where is my vote campaign” when the Iranian elections were rigged ( not that under the Islamic Republic there has ever been proper elections but even with their twisted standards they rigged it!).

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Regained Grandour


Regained Grandour, a set on Flickr.

Back in 1977 when I was 13, I was fortunate enough to be awarded this comic book titled “Azemat-e Baazyaafteh” (“Restored Grandeur”) by my school. It is perhaps now a collector’s item as it was not sold in shops and I doubt if many copies have survived in Iran. Irrespective of your views on the late king, it is a fun book to read. I will try to scan and send the 62 pages bit by bit.

It just shows that whilst other kids read Superman and Batman comics, we were being nurtured on the milk of politics from an early . I recently saw an exhibition of Soviet Propaganda posters in Tate Modern, London and it was great. It is a shame that with our regular regime change, we destroy a lot of history but If someone ever opens a Museum of Iranian Propaganda in Iran, I might be tempted to donate this book after I’m dead.

little_Mojtaba by doodle_juice

little_Mojtaba, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

I published this cartoon when it was rumoured that Khamenei is preparing his son as an heir apparent.
Mojtaba was responsible for leading the crack down on the Green movement protesters after the rigged election.

Sacrificial President

Sacrificial-President by doodle_juice
Sacrificial-President, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

It looks like Ahmadinejad is going to be sacrificed by the regime.
The regime feels a major crisis of power and the lack of popularity both internal and external. It has seen the Arab spring and it’s allies in crisis. The sanctions and the wasteful policies have brought the nation to a state of major crisis. Ahmadinejad had started securing his position but has lost support amongst the military Sepah so it seems he will become the latest sacrificial escape goat of an unpopular crumbling brutal regime. By the way I have reused one of my old cartoons for this, but somehow the topic is still relevant.

Title: “Destitute Women”.

Title: "Destitute Women".  by doodle_juice
Title: “Destitute Women”. a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

My Drawing For The International Women’s Day

On a day like this please support charities that make a difference to the life of women. Charities such as Omid Mehr foundation:

Slow progress towards Democracy

Slow progress towards Democracy by doodle_juice
Slow progress towards Democracy a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

I know Middle East is going toward Democracy, but it has been a slow process and one can not help thinking that the systems that replace them are not as a rule forward thinking and the change can bring influences that should be extinct. One such influence is religious idealism.

Tribute to the unknown Abadani man

Abdani man by doodle_juice
Abdani man a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Before the 1979 Iranian revolution the oil rich city of Abadan where the main refinery plant pumped oil and money, an affluent class of Iranians spanned their wings and lived a stylish life style. First by the influence of the British then by a community of middle class professionals the local culture had changed. Kids with western clothes Rayban sunglasses would carry towels and swimming gear and be off to the nearest oil company club.

Perhaps extinct today, he is an unsung hero. He was the man who would cheer the place up, get a Bandari drum beat out of plank of wood. Make his own flute out of a bamboo shoot.

Abadan is a city in the South of Iran. There was a joyful  lay-backed culture about the place. Abadan had been under British influence for many years, it is where the main oil refinery was the one that produced the oil for the British navy during the second world war and powered the Empire’s economy.

When the British left, Iranian Oil workers took over and adopted a comfortable Western life style of Clubs, Swimming pools and leisure.

There was a pool of talent in that city. The local music which has a catchy drum base has its root in the music of Sailors who travelled there from the rest of the world, from places like Middle East, Africa, Portugal and it is still one of the most popular forms of music.

The stereotype of an Abadani is someone who would not be seen dead without his Ray Band Sun glasses. He also had a tendency to exaggerate his successes, which is why I doodled this cartoon as homage to that fun-loving unsung hero giving him a monument and why the caption reads Thanks for saving the Universe!

May he rest in peace!

Checkout my short story about Abadan

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