Photos of Star Wars figurines during Recession times, Marcos Minuchin, Argentinean Photographer, humorous photographyPhotos of Star Wars figurines during Recession times, Marcos Minuchin, Argentinean Photographer, humorous photographyPhotos of Star Wars figurines during Recession times, Marcos Minuchin, Argentinean Photographer, humorous photographyPhotos of Star Wars figurines during Recession times, Marcos Minuchin, Argentinean Photographer, humorous photographyHumorous photos of Star Wars toys out of work, Marcos MinuchinClick to enlarge

I spotted Argentinean photographer Marcos Minuchin’s photographs a couple of weeks back at the annual Washington Square Memorial Day Art Show, on my way to buy a bagel. The large prints hanging outside his booth made me smile.

Minuchin started his series The Secret Life of Toys in 2007 as a photography class project, but kept the project going after a lot of positive feedback. His Recession Army series seems especially relevant these days. According to Minuchin, one of the perks of working with toys is that they work long hours without complaining.

You can see more of Minuchin’s photographs on his website, and you can purchase them there too.

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Street art by Astro One – Neon Kids

people painting


I’ve developed an interest in Art that is based on real life data or in this case data from an unexpected source.

I came across TextArc a few years ago, but I didn’t think of it as Art until recently.

TextArc uses the two major classics of Hamlet and Alice in Wonderland to demonstrate how on a single page text could be visually represented. The viewer’s eye absorbs more data which it wouldn’t if you read the text in a serial page to page.

Why don’t you have a play for yourself:


Niyaz is an Iranian musical trio. The group was created in 2005 by DJ, programmer/producer and remixer Carmen Rizzo, vocalist and hammered dulcimer player Azam Ali, formerly of the group Vas, and Loga Ramin Torkian of the Iranian crossover group Axiom Of Choice. Niyaz in Persian means “needing”.
Niyaz’s music, described as “mystical music with a modern edge”, is primarily a blend of Sufi mysticism and trance electronica. Niyaz adapts Persian, Indian and Mediterranean folk sounds, poetry and songs including the poetry of Sufi mystic Rumi, with Western electronic instrumentation and programming.

Niaz with their influence in Middle eastern and Indian music produce very exotic music.

Pina (film review)

Ditta-Miranda-Jasifi-in-a-007 by doodle_juice
Ditta-Miranda-Jasifi-in-a-007, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Almost like an act of worship the late Pina Bausch’s dance group “Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch” recreate very beautiful movements on an empty stage, on the street and in sites with an industrial factories.
Bausch was a distinguished German modern dance choreographer and a leading influence in the development of the Tanztheater style of dance. The film is made by film-maker Wim Wenders who started shortly after Bausch’s death from cancer. He uses 3D for this film and often uses close shots to bring to life the gestural aspect of these dance performances.
Of all the art forms I am perhaps less familiar with dance, and I found the combination of various routines and the dancer’s interview and their experience of lovingly remembering Pina very touching and appealing.
What comes out of the film is the character of Pina with her humour, and being unconventional, taking risk like a child and being incredibly imaginative in making up movements that seem very original.
I also liked the message in the trailer “Is it dance? Is it theatre or is it life?”

Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart (born September 13, 1977) is an American singer-songwriter. Her 1996 debut album Tidal received a Grammy Award for the song “Criminal”.

Born in New York City, Apple is the daughter of singer Diane McAfee and actor Brandon Maggart. Her older sister, Amber, sings cabaret under the stage name Maude Maggart. Her half brother Spencer is a director and directed the video for her single “Parting Gift”. Her half brother Garett Maggart starred in the TV series The Sentinel. In addition, her maternal grandparents were Millicent Green, a dancer with the George White’s Scandals, a series of 1920s musical revues similar to the Ziegfeld Follies, and Johnny McAfee, a multireedist and vocalist of the big band era; her grandparents met while touring with Johnny Hamp and his Orchestra.

The song “Sullen Girl” is said to allude to her being raped at the age of 12.

In 2008, Apple recorded a duet titled “Still I” with Christophe Deluy. In 2009, Apple covered “Why Try to Change Me Now” and “I Walk A Little Faster” for The Best Is Yet to Come – The Songs of Cy Coleman. In January 2010 Fiona Apple and Jon Brion performed together at “Love and Haiti, Too: A Music Benefit”, a charity concert for the people hurt by the Haiti Earthquake. Fiona sang a cover of “(S)he’s Funny That Way”, composed by Neil Moret, lyrics by Richard Whiting, which is often associated with the singer Billie Holiday. In June 2010, Fiona released a song titled “So Sleepy” produced by Jon Brion written by children involved with the non-profit organization 826LA. The song will be included on a compilation album released by the organization titled Chickens in Love. Apple collaborated with Margaret Cho on her album Cho Dependent, which was released on August 24, 2010.

Yue Minjun



Yue Minjun, a set on Flickr.

Yue Minjun is a contemporary Chinese artist based in Beijing, China. He is best known for oil paintings depicting himself in various settings, frozen in laughter. He has also reproduced this signature image in sculpture, watercolor and prints. While Yue is often classified as part of the Chinese “Cynical Realist” movement in art developed in China since 1989, Yue himself rejects this label, while at the same time “doesn’t concern himself about what people call him.”

Handspring Puppet Company: The genius puppetry behind War Horse

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