plakat_persien_312px by doodle_juice
plakat_persien_312px, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

There is currently a great exhibition of Persian art at the Rietberg museum, Zurich. The exhibition focuses on the East-West interaction of Iran from the Safavid era to current day. There are some great works of contemporary Iranian artists on exhibit.


This is one of the funniest sketches that I have ever seen.

Street art by Astro One – Neon Kids

Art in progress


Art in progress, a set on Flickr.

I’m currently working on the following oil paintings. They are not finished but almost complete.


I’ve developed an interest in Art that is based on real life data or in this case data from an unexpected source.

I came across TextArc a few years ago, but I didn’t think of it as Art until recently.

TextArc uses the two major classics of Hamlet and Alice in Wonderland to demonstrate how on a single page text could be visually represented. The viewer’s eye absorbs more data which it wouldn’t if you read the text in a serial page to page.

Why don’t you have a play for yourself:


hodler autoportrait 1916hodler The Consecrated One, undated0201

Bern, a set on Flickr.

This is my last Swiss blog. I’ll be back in UK on Monday. It has been a glorious 9 month here. Like an isolated Darwinian evolutionary continent, Switzerland with its unique political status has evolved a culture different from the rest of Western Europe, this is more visible when you visit the museums. There you are likely to find the concept of War something that is historical or happens to other people. You will find paintings, landscapes which are uniquely Swiss and you would not see around the world. Historical museums, and second-hand shops are full of luxury items and beautiful art Deco furniture and vintage designer clothing owned by generations of wealthy Swiss. The Art and sculpture is rich with detail, extravagance and sometimes a distinct humour.

Anyway, this was my last weekend in this beautiful country so I decided to make the most of it and visit Bern. When I went to the Zurich station I was surprised to find a Thai Festival in action. I went to listen to the chanting of the monks and looked around the food and furniture stands and decided to go and get my train. Bern is a city with so much to offer.

Apart from the medieval oddities such as a sculpture of an Ogre eating babies, or the impressive old clock tower, the city is picturesque and the museums are rich with unusual artefacts. Bern is a very happy city. You see people of all ages having romantic interaction, you see little kids running around the water works in a large square and getting soaked laughing and having fun.

There was an exhibition of hoof cleaning cows and horses. The poor cow was mowing like mad when it was tied down and her hooves were being grind down.

Going back to the subject of Swiss differences, Ferdinand Hodler symbolist paintings are distinctly Swiss.

After the Art visits, the historical museum was also interesting. I came across many unexpected Iranian items such as Astronomy an Astrology instruments, lacquered pen holders, Sufi order items such as the Sufi master’s hat  and axe etc. There was also a collection of Qajar Art including 18th century pen holders and recreation of women’s room inside a Qajari house.

The most impressive which in my opinion is a unique masterpiece was the Joseph Reinhart’s paintings of Swiss costumes 787 to 1797 as well as a series of water colours called the dance of death.

The final visit was to Einstein museum where I discovered a side of Albert that I didn’t know about. Albert was one hell of a lover boy and his poor wife who was also educated and had ambitions of an academic life settled for being a house wife and had to put up with her husband’s infidelity. Einstein was wrongly associated with the creation of the Atomic bomb by the Time magazine, but he tried to rectify that. He did his best to curb its use and make people think about the Arm’s race and the catastrophic outcome. He was under surveillance during the McCarthy years and was almost expelled from U.S. He died after a speech about nuclear disarmament and proposing the idea of a world Government in 1955.

I had a great lunch and a glass of Swiss white beer and slept like a baby on the train.

When I came back to Zurich I finished off a very distinct and fantastic glass of Honey wine. I bought a bottle after doing having a wine tasting session and chose a bottle that was not sweet but had a lot of character. The alcohol intake was the exception. I was simply making the most of my Swiss experience and had to finish my wine bottle as my luggage could go over the weight limit. Well at least it is a good excuse to celebrate a long journey!

Wilderness downtown (Arcade Fire)

wilderness_downtown_arcadefire by doodle_juice
wilderness_downtown_arcadefire, a photo by doodle_juice on Flickr.

Type in the place were you grew up and watch this interactive music video of Arcade Fire take you there. Really good but since it works with Google map, it works with places that have sufficient info, so I didn’t manage to get it working very well with locations in Iran but it is still a great experience.

Arcade Fire is an indie Rock group based in Montreal. It is a family team of husband and wife Win Butler and Régine Chassagne, along with Will Butler, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara, and Sarah Neufeld. Their music and lyrics are brilliant. For this video they have teamed up with creative Artists and produced the interactive video where you run and watch the video in the neighborhood that you say you grew up.

After you watch the video, you can draw or write a post card that goes to your former self!

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